daily tidbit

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pain redefined

This is how I define pain, especially on Valentines day.

"There are times I am far away from love and pretend it's just not there anymore..." - very painful

On the flip-side, "there are times when I am so close to love that I neither can ignore it nor embrace it..." - very very painful

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feedback and its importance

More often than not we forget to give feedback thinking (not thinking) that it isn't (is) a value added practice.

For some inexplicable reasons I was in a very discomforting mood today. But, when I got this feedback from a friend (out of the blue, without knowing that I was not in a great mood), I felt really happy to be alive and be there for someone, when in need.

[15:30] friend: hey I meant to tell you yesterday. just did not get a chance. I look up to you for many things -- I truly believe that you have seen life much more than I have and have a better handle on how to deal with things -- when I pour out to you it is not just for the sake of like I did yesterday but inherently I seek advice from you. I want to be more objective and you help me to see it in more than one ways
[15:30] friend: thanks