daily tidbit

Thursday, September 21, 2006

enthusiasm redefined

time and again I've been faced with bitter reality ~ trying to help others or thinking that I'm helping others, without knowing:
1. whether they are in a position to be helped
2. whether they want to be helped
3. whether they are capable of receiving your advice/help

my enthusiasm is (read foolishness is) ~ not answering the above questions and jumping in the middle to fix things

"let others ask for help and then jump to help them, if you can" ~ is the lesson learnt

Monday, September 18, 2006

Whats this "blogging" all about?

Okay, okay! I am not going to fool around with you and say I have not been involved with blogging before. I admit that I got caught with this "blog-craze."

I felt that there is a need for self-expression like this blog to talk to someone with out knowing who exactly you are talking to. Inhibitions suspended, boldness enhanced ~ I've got to break free! (Thanks, Freddie maaan!!)

and then there was light... to my blogging blues!